Anthony Tuck, Rex Wallace

The Archaeology of Language at Poggio Civitate (Murlo)

Archaeologica, 178
2018, XVIII-130 pp., 12 figure e XVII tavole b/n
Brossura, 17 x 24 cm
ISBN: 9788876893094

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Guide to Abbreviations and Conventsions
- Abbreviations
- Conventions

I. Poggio Civitate: An Archaeological Summary
Early Phase Orientalizing Complex
Piano del Tesoro’s “Orientalizing Complex”
Piano del Tesoro: The Archaic Phase
Population centers beyond Piano del Tesoro 

II. Social Networking at Poggio Civitate: Inscriptions on Bucchero Drinking Cups
The Typology of Relief-ware Bucchero kyathoi
The Typology of the kyathoi from Poggio Civitate
The Paithinas/Paithinaie Network
Another Network of Exchange at Poggio Civitate
Exchange of Bucchero between 7th Century BCE Etruscan Communities 

III. Language and Iconography: Inscriptions on ivory plaques
Tesserae hospitales?
Object, Iconography, and Inscription
Totems of Fertility

IV. The Utility of Language: Inscriptions on locally produced ceramic objects
Inscriptions on Ceramic
The Functions of the Texts 

V. The Archaic Phase: Inscriptions on Stone and Terracotta
The Dearth of Inscriptions
Inscriptions of a Public Nature 

VI. Language, Literacy, and Society at Poggio Civitate
Categories of Writing
The Writing Community
Non-textual Uses of Writing
Linguistic Diversity within the Community

VII. Catalogue of Inscriptions
Orientalizing Phase
Orientalizing/Archaic Phase

Index of Etruscan Words

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Anthony Tuck
Dr. Anthony Tuck is Associate Professor with the Department of Classics and the Center for Etruscan Studies, University of Massachusetts, Amherst. He received his degrees from Brown University (Ph.D.) and Haverford College, and specializes in early Etruscan culture and ancient textiles. He is the Director of Excavations at Poggio Civitate in Murlo, Italy, and has held Fulbright and Lilly Fellowships. His main publications include Poggio Civitate: The Necropolis of Poggio Aguzzo (2009), First Words: The Archaeology of Language at Poggio Civitate (2013), and Vinum: Poggio Civitate and the Goddess of Wine (2015).

Rex Wallace
Etruscologo e linguista statunitense, professore di Studi classici presso l'Università del Massachusetts a Amherst dal 1985 al 2018; i suoi principali interessi di ricerca e di insegnamento sono la linguistica greca, latina ed etrusca, e la linguistica storica, la morfologia e la lessicografia inglese.


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