John Peter Oleson

The sources of innovation in Later Etruscan Tomb Design

Archaeologica, 27
1982, 124 pp., Tavv. 60
Brossura, 17 x 24 cm
ISBN: 8885007678

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Chapter I: Introduction and background
A. The significance of innovation
B. Previous literature on Later Etruscan Tomb Design
C. Problems
D. Geological factors affecting Tomb Design
E. The dichotomy between facade and Chamber Design
F. The subsidiary character of decorative schemes

Chapter II: Traditional and innovative Chamber Design
A. Traditional Later Etruscan Chamber Design
B. Innovative Later Etruscan Chamber Design
1. Barrel-Vaulted Chambers
2. The «Tanelle» of Cortona

Chapter III: Traditional and innovative Facade Design
A. Definition of facade; Technical questions
B. Traditional Later Etruscan Facade Designs
1. The Cube-Tomb
2. «Tuscan» Gabled Facades
3. The monumental cippus
C. Innovative Later Etruscan Facade Designs
1. Temple Facades
2. Heroon Facade
3. Two-story Portico
4. Hellenized Aediculae and Urn-Inspired Design 

Chapter IV: The sources of innovative Tomb Design
A. Innovative designs with local non-sepulchral sources
1. Temple Facades
2. Hellenized Aediculae and Urn-Inspired Designs 
B. Intrusive Tomb Designs
1. Barrel-Vaulted Chambers
2. The «Tanelle» of Cortona
3. Heroon facades
4. The two-story Portico Facade 

Chapter V
A. The method of transmission
1. Architectural drawings were not transmitted impersonally
2. Etruscans, not Greeks, brought the designs to Italy
B. The historical and social context of Etruscan activity in the Hellenistic Greek world
1. The historical context
2. The social context

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