1. Norwegian painted altar frontals from the Middle Ages as objects of research (Martin Blindheim)
2. Western Norwegian panel painting 1250-1350: problems of dating, styles and work-shops (Nigel Morgan)
3. Norwegian frontals with tituli: Nedstryn and Kinsarvik. (Signe Horn Fuglesang)
4. Pre-Eyckian oil painting in Catalonia: the Abegg frontal - a piece in the puzzle (Erling Skaug)
5. Altarpieces in Italy during the 13th century. (Andrew Martindale)
6. The thirteenth-century English altarpiece (Paul Binski)
7. The technique of the Westminster retable: a preliminary report with an analysis of the glass compoents. (Paul Binski, Ian Freestone)
8. The Westminster retable: aspets of form and iconography (Michael Michael)
9. The altar frontal from Løgum (Mikkel Scharff)
10. The retable from Ganthem, Gotland (Sweden) (Peter Tångeberg)
11. The retable from Ganthem, Gotland: structure and technique. A comparison between the retable and the Norwegian altar frontals (Unn Plahter)
13. Analyses of Norwegian medieval paint media. A preliminary report (Raymond White)
14. Current research in France concerning colour and technique in manuscripts and wall paintings of the 13th and 14th centuries (Patricia Stirnemann)
15. Analyses of fossil coccoliths in chalk grounds of medieval art in Norway (Katharina von Salis Perch-Nielsen, Unn Plahter
16. Líkneskjusmío: 14th-century instructions for painting form Iceland (Unn Plahter)

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Roger Stalley, Peritia 11 (1997), 07/09/2005