J. Rasmus Brandt - Archaeologia Panathenaica I. Panathenaic prize-vases from the sixth century B.C.
Erik Østby - The temple of Casa Marafioti at Locri and some related buildings
Lazslo Berczelly - A sepulchral monument from the Via Portuense and the origin of the Roman biographical cycle
Dawson Kiang - The Metropolitan Antiochus and the Vatican Philip
Beat Brenk - Byzantinische Marmorschranken in amerikanischen Museen
Per Jonas Nordhagen - S. Maria Antiqua: The frescoes of the seventh century
Gunnar Danbolt - Das Taufbecken im Kloster San Nilo in Grottaferrata
Ellert Dahl - Heavenly Images. The statue of St. Foy of Conques and the significance of the medieval «cult-image» in the West
Staale Sinding-Larsen - Some observations on liturgical imagery of the twelfth century
Staale Sinding-Larsen - The Laurenziana vestibule as a functional solution
Erling Skaug - Neri di Bicci's Madonna and Child enthroned with two saints and donor in the Uffizi. Materials, technique, and restoration
Magne Malmanger - For as Iconology. The spire of Sant'Ivo alla Sapienza